Month: July 2011

The Paradox of Meritocracy in Organizations

Emilio J. Castilla, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stephen Benard, Indiana University published “The Paradox of Meritocracy in Organizations,” in […]

12 years ago

Raise that pulse, share that link

Tom Jacobs reports in Miller McCune Magazine on a recent study which finds anxiety, amusement, and even exercise, can compel people to […]

12 years ago

RACE: Are we so different?

The American Anthropological Association  presents the science, history and lived experience of race in the United States in Smithsonian National […]

12 years ago

Markets, Morals, and Practices of Trade

Michel Anteby, Harvard University, published “Markets, Morals, and Practices of Trade: Jurisdictional Disputes in the U.S. Commerce in Cadavers” in […]

12 years ago

Housing and mental illness

In a recent post for Harvard University Press blog, Russell Schutt examines the results of research into housing for people […]

12 years ago