Year: 2011

Is CSR Worthwhile to Firms?

“Doing Good And Doing Better Despite Negative Information? The Role Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Consumer Resistance To Negative Information” […]

12 years ago

Organization Development

 “Revisioning Organization Development: Diagnostic and Dialogic Premises and Patterns of Practice” by Gervase R. Bushe and Robert J. Marshak was published […]

12 years ago

Challenges of Team Rewards

Since being published in Compensation and Benefits Review  in 2009 “On the Folly of Rewarding Team Performance, While Hoping for […]

12 years ago

Review of ‘Four Lions’

An edited version of this article originally appeared in the Islamic Studies magazine ‘Perspectives’ (November 2010). Chris Morris’s feature-length satire […]

12 years ago

Leadership Effectiveness

“Organizational Change and Characteristics of Leadership Effectiveness” by Ann Gilley, Heather McMillan, and Jerry W. Gilley was published in the […]

12 years ago

Informal Leadership

“Information and informality: Leaders as information brokers in a high-tech firm” by Magnus Larsson, Solveig Segerstéen, and Cathrin Svensson was […]

12 years ago