Month: November 2012

The Political Standardizer

In the just-released December 2012 issue of Business & Society, Christian Frankel and Erik Højbjerg, both of the Copenhagen Business […]

9 years ago

How To Act Like An OD Professional

What can organizational development (OD) professionals learn  from theatre actors? In her article “Borrowing From Professional Theatre Training to Build […]

9 years ago

Social science sites of the week Coming soon US Elections. we are following these in our blog Starting points News services Opinion polls Money in […]

9 years ago
Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker on Violence and Human Nature

Is the world getting less violent? It seems unlikely. But Steven Pinker has amassed empirical evidence to show that it is. In this interview with Nigel Warburton for the Social Science Bites podcast he explains some of the possible causes of this transformation.

9 years ago