Month: April 2014

Frank Wolf

Largest-Ever NSF Budget Passes First Test

With no controversy and the only discussion about how best to honor the retiring chairman of the panel, the subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee that oversees the unlikely bedfellows of justice, commerce and scientific agencies has approved a $7.4 billion budget for the National Science Foundation.

6 years ago
Caravaggio's 'The Cardsharps'

Who Really Holds the Cards in Gambling Research?

Australian research into gambling ultimately is highly dependent on the success of gambling itself (even when it’s funded by the state). Is there any surprise that much of the research is rarely critical of the industry?

6 years ago
Boxing Day PSA

Whither Violence?

Professor David Canter comments on Britain’s downward trend in violence and examines some of the factors that may underlie it besides a more expensive pint.

6 years ago
Different color academic gowns

If You Want an Academic Mentor, Try to Be a White Guy

Grad sudents looking for a professor to be a mentor had a better chance of getting a positive response – or a response at all – if they were white and male, according to a new study that broke down findings by discipline and whether a school was public or private.

6 years ago
National Science Board logo

National Science Board Critical of FIRST Elements

National Science Board steps beyond its usual comfort zone to lodge a criticism of NSF re-authorization bill that would establish role for Congress in picking research funding winners and losers.

6 years ago
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