Month: April 2014

Boxing Day PSA

Whither Violence?

Professor David Canter comments on Britain’s downward trend in violence and examines some of the factors that may underlie it besides a more expensive pint.

7 years ago
Different color academic gowns

If You Want an Academic Mentor, Try to Be a White Guy

Grad sudents looking for a professor to be a mentor had a better chance of getting a positive response – or a response at all – if they were white and male, according to a new study that broke down findings by discipline and whether a school was public or private.

7 years ago
National Science Board logo

National Science Board Critical of FIRST Elements

National Science Board steps beyond its usual comfort zone to lodge a criticism of NSF re-authorization bill that would establish role for Congress in picking research funding winners and losers.

7 years ago

What is Performance Adaptation?

The workplace has changed over the last few decades. Workers are now required to continuously accommodate new and challenging situations […]

7 years ago
Peer review guide cover

Peer Review: The Nuts and Bolts

Using a collection of concerns raised by their peers, Sense about Science’s Voices of Young Scientists writing team set off […]

7 years ago