Month: July 2014

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Beware the Lessons of Competitive US Higher Ed

Other nations looking at successful American universities and seeing the invisible hand of the marketplace at work should take a closer look at the arm attached to that hand, argues Steve C. Ward.

8 years ago

Using Gaming to Help Stroke Recovery

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 795,000 people in the United States experience a stroke every […]

8 years ago
David Willetts

Will David Willetts Be Remembered For His OA Advocacy?

Now that Greg Clark, has begun his tenure as the new UK minister for universities, science, and cities, the London School of Economics Impact of Social Science blog asked for further reflections on the positions taken by previous minister, David Willetts. David Prosser of the Research Libraries UK covers the dramatic influence Willetts had on open access legislation and momentum in the UK.

8 years ago

Big Data: No Free Lunch for Protecting Privacy

In the first of a series of excerpts from a just released report summarizing 2013’s International Year of Statistics’ London conference, we look at one of the down sides of Big Data.

8 years ago