Month: July 2014

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Of Geese and Game Theory: Auctions, Airwaves – and Applications

Three economists who used federal funding to research highly theoretical work on game theory and auctions are being honored with Golden Goose Awards for the highly practical application of their work that enabled the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to auction off the nation’s telecommunications spectrum in a way that maximized fairness and efficiency in the marketplace.

8 years ago

Is Your Research Boxed-In?

Many academics find themselves in an increasingly specialized area of research, which has benefits like creating an identity, increasing productivity […]

8 years ago
David Willetts

What to Make of The UK Universities Minister’s Departure

Following David Willetts’ resignation as part of the UK government’s cabinet reshuffle, Greg Clark MP has today been announced as the new Minister for Universities and Science. Steven Jones looks at the flurry of comment taking place on Twitter about the reshuffle and what might prove to be the lasting legacy of the previous minister.

8 years ago
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MOOCS: Veni, Vidi, Meh!

David Glance argues that the university-shaking predictions once routinely made for massive open online courses have been borne out.

8 years ago