Month: November 2014

Five Ways We Could Use Altmetrics in the Next REF

Although many are excited by the possibilities for using alternative metrics to supplement research assessment, others are concerned about gaming the figures. Mike Thelwall provides his recommendations for uses of altmetrics in Britain’s national research evaluation exercises.

8 years ago

Social Science in the News

  Should the Government Fund Only Science in the “National Interest”? National Geographic Texas lawmaker steps up a fight over […]

8 years ago
Faculty Learning Community

Teaching Communities of Faculty About Scholarly Communication

Two Miami University librarians details how their school’s ‘faculty learning community’ cultivated awareness of the entire scholarly communication landscape and created stronger faculty advocates for change, but also highlighted key differences between established and newer faculty.

8 years ago
Linda Woodhead detail

Linda Woodhead on the New Sociology of Religion

Religiosity has changed for the majority of populations in Britain and the West, and so a new kind of way to study it must arise. In this Social Science Bites podcast, Linda Woodhead discusses the new sociology required to study this nuanced spiritual landscape, and what some of the implications are on the secular world.

8 years ago
Pedro Noguera

Ed Sociologist Pedro Noguera Awarded

Sociologist and education rights activist Pedro Noguera has received a second annual award that recognizes outstanding achievement in advancing the understanding of the behavioral and social sciences.

8 years ago
Ethics on scrabble board_opt

Mission Possible: Be an Ethical Social Scientist

The author of a book on research ethics for social scientists suggests that issues such as antagonism with university review boards and new complexities introduced by Big Data can make integrity a sometime elusive quality.

8 years ago