Month: February 2015

The Tyranny of Excellence is Hurting Research

Nick Butler and Sverre Spoelstra argue that the game-playing that accompanies Britain’s Research Excellence Framework to achieve better appearances is harming the intent of the exercise.

5 years ago
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The Digital Scholar: Reference Rot and Link Decorations

You have written a paper and linked to your literature and resources. All is good, except that many of those links that are tied to permanent identifiers may fade away over time — a significant problem for scholarly purposes. Martin Klein and Herbert Van de Sompel explore ways to mitigate this problem through more systematic web archiving practices and link decoration techniques.

5 years ago
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A Primer on Plagiarism and Other Publishing Sins

High-quality scientific literature is the cornerstone of scientific progress and is highly regarded by academia. However, Ritesh G. Menezes and his colleagues write in the Medico-Legal Journal, scientific literature is often marred by plagiarism, data fabrication and falsification, redundant publication and illegitimate authorship.

5 years ago
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U.S. Presidents Have Long Touted the Joys of Junior Colleges

While critics of President Obama’s call for universal community college for Americans imply federal intrusion into the local institutions was unprecedented, there’s actually a long line of feds who have seen the benefits of the two-year schools.

5 years ago
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Why Don’t We Take Climate Change Seriously?

The natural sciences present easy-to-follow prescriptions for addressing climate change. Unfortunately, getting human beings to sign on requires navigating a maze of psychological, domestic, social, economic, political and cultural forces.

5 years ago