Month: July 2015

Waterboarding protest sign

The APA Colluded on Torture. What Now?

The US tortured prisoners in the ‘War on Terror.’ That that a major health care association colluded in this, argues J. Wesley Boyd, is unconscionable.

5 years ago

Did My Field Make Me a Liberal?

The idealized folk psychology that underpinned his original libertarian politics, says social psychologist Elliot Berkman, collapsed in the face of social psychological evidence.

5 years ago
Graph of web of disciplines

In Defense of Uni-disciplinarity

Interdisciplinarityfor interdisciplinarity’s sake is fraught, argues Merlin Crossley. We should build bridges linking the tops of silos rather than try to break down silos themselves.

5 years ago

Ebola: WHO and the Consequences of Ignoring Social Science

A new report from the World Health Organization on the response to the African Ebola outbreak backs up what our Robert Dingwall has been writing all along — by downplaying social science lives have been lost. The question now is whether a new WHO can improve.

5 years ago
Peer review

Q&A: Publons Aims to Enhance Peer Review

If the mental picture of peer review turned from it being a chore to it being a career-builder, it’s reasonable to think that all of academe might prosper. An interview with a co-founder of Publons, a company which aims to do just that.

5 years ago