Month: September 2015

Ranking African Universities Fraught and Futile

The director of directs the International Network for Higher Education in Africa argues that a nascent effort to rank the continent’s institutions of higher education ‘seems to me to be doomed from the start.’

7 years ago
black hole of numbers

Exploring the Nexus of Big Data and Official Statistics

While it might seem natural for so-called Big Data to supplement, improve or replace existing datasets and statistics, or provide entirely new statistical outputs for government agencies, some careful footwork is needed before heading too far down that path, argues Rob Kitchin.

7 years ago

Five Things to Think About if You’re Considering a Doctorate

After collecting reflections on their PhD journey from 28 doctoral scholars, Rhodes University’s Sioux McKenna distilled some of their collected wisdom into five ideas that might make the uphill effort to earn a doctorate less of of a Sisyphean task.

7 years ago

Survey Finds Scholars’ Perception of OA Improving

The head of insights at Nature Publishing Group and Palgrave Macmillan shares findings from a recent survey of authors that finds few researchers are now unaware of open access, but their perceptions of quality still remain a significant barrier to further OA involvement.

7 years ago