Month: May 2016

Which University Rankings Should You Trust?

There are at least 12 university rankings that claim to be global, and in this video Michelle Stack focuses on the big three — the Times Higher Education, QS, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities. She asks what does being a “top-ranked” university mean to students? And who decides this ranking anyway?

4 years ago
Pied Piper

Six Reasons Why Academics Won’t Change Policy

As social scientists are pressured to be part of the policy-making process, that’s easier said than done, explains James Lloyd. He gives six reasons why sometimes research won’t (and perhaps shouldn’t) impact change.

4 years ago
Federal budget process

No Drama As 2017 Science Funding Bill Passes Key Committee Vote

Following a drama-free debut in subcommittee last week, the full Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives on a voice vote approved a 2017 funding bill for commerce, justice and science agencies in the U.S. government, including $7.4 billion for the National Science Foundation. The next step is a vote by the full House,

4 years ago
Moynihan from 1965

Moynihan Lecture: Follow the Evidence, Not the Ideology

Isabel Sawhill and Ron Haskins, says a colleague, ‘have forged a unique and powerful intellectual partnership at Brookings, founding and then elevating the Center on Children and Families and producing world-class work on families, poverty, opportunity, evidence, parenting, work, education, and plenty more besides.’ Watch their Moynihan Lecture here..

4 years ago
Syrian refugees in Budapest

Sometimes a Nudge is as Good as a Wink

When it comes to many of the big decisions faced by governments – and the private sector – behavioral science has more to offer than simple nudges.

4 years ago

The UK’s HE Landscape in the Wake of ‘Knowledge Economy’

The new government report ‘Succeeding as a Knowledge Economy’ takes forward most of the ideas about improving teaching at Britain institutions of higher education already found in a green paper published in November 2015. So what does this new report tell us about the future?

4 years ago
ESRC Celebrating Impact logo

ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize 2016 Shortlist Announced

Now in its fourth year, the ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize recognizes the work conducted by researchers funded by Britain’s Economic and Social Research Council who achieve outstanding economic and societal impacts.

4 years ago
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