Month: May 2017

Centennials: Events of the Last Century Impinge on this One

During the past month, the number 100, usually associated with the word days, has been prominent in our public discourse. This column will not add to the cacophony of assessments, condemnations, or in some quarters, celebrations of the new American president. Instead, it will focus on another time frame for 100, years.

7 years ago
influence schematic

Whose Work Most Influenced You? A Social Science Bites Retrospective, Part 3

Ask a number of influential social scientists who in turn influenced them, and you’d likely get a blue-ribbon primer on the classics in social science. And so it as we present the third and final series of answers to that question drawn from the first 50 guests on the Social Science Bites podcast series.

7 years ago

Behavioral Evidence Hub Seeks to Link Research With Solutions

A new website promises to spotlight evidence-based initiatives that offer deep insight into tough problems – from staying in college and increasing savings rates to improving medication adherence and vaccination uptake – into a single tool.

7 years ago
Alex Haslam

BPS Award-Winner Alex Haslam on Teams and Trump

Social psychologist Alex Haslam talks about many of his research interests, from Donald Trump to identity politics to classic studies – is his ‘glass cliff work’ with Michelle Ryan count? – in a wide-ranging interview following his receiving the President’s Award from the British Psychological Society.

7 years ago

Washington and Social Science: News Bulletin No. 3

Topics this month include a look at Congress clearing the Fiscal Year 2017 budget- and rejecting the Trump-proposed cuts to NSF and NIH funding, and what’s next for the science community after the heralded March for Science.

7 years ago
Code Napoleon_mauzaisse-

Negotiating Brexit – A Clash of Legal Cultures?

Membership in the European Union was a contract, and the differing legal approaches between situational British common law and the more codified French approach helps explain some of the rancor as Brexit comes to be applied.

7 years ago

Chris Grey on Organizations

What is an “organization?” According to Chris Grey, the guest in this Social Science Bites podcast, in many ways it’s a moment in time. “An organization,” he tells interviewer David Edmonds, “is also a momentary crystallization of an ongoing process of organizing.”

7 years ago