Month: August 2023

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FABBS IDEA Awards: Now Accepting Nominations

Nominations are open for the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS) Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Awards. The prizes recognize behavioral and brain scientists who promote diversity, equity and inclusion in their research, mentorship, service and work.

4 months ago
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The Power of Historical Literature Reviews in Project Management Research    

Most project management scholars find literature reviews important. However, the success rate of publishing such papers is disappointingly low, as it can be challenging to establish a solid contribution in this type of research. We want to demonstrate how the power of a historical literature review may solve this problem and how it enabled us to publish two review articles based on the same stock of articles.

4 months ago

Survey Examines Global Status Of Political Science Profession

The ECPR-IPSA World of Political Science Survey 2023 assesses political science scholar’s viewpoints on the global status of the discipline and the challenges it faces, specifically targeting the phenomena of cancel culture, self-censorship and threats to academic freedom of expression.

4 months ago
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Treating Corporate Social Responsibility as a Management Idea

In about 2010, the author started to notice that many companies, particularly in the United Kingdom but also beyond, describe their corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagement in terms of marketplace, workforce, community, and environment.

4 months ago
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Seeking Policy Impact? Cite Your Evidence

When communicating with a policymaker, especially one with whom you disagree, you want to stop them from discounting your opinion. One way to do this is by citing quality evidence to support your position.

4 months ago
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As We Evolve Science Policy We Must Vigilantly Assess Its Changes

Considering a series of proposed policy changes by the National Institutes of Health, Micah Altman and Philip N. Cohen, argue they highlight wider systematic gaps in the evaluation of operational science policies and signal an urgent need to increase funding for metascience.

4 months ago