Month: August 2023

Image: jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Diverse Teams: When Differences Make a Difference

This study extends our current understanding of team diversity and offers practical insights into managing diverse teams. It’s not just about differences, but also about how they are communicatively framed.

4 months ago
AI-produced artwork of two robots communicating.

Conscious Empathic AI in Service

Empathic consciousness in AI opens new horizons in service that puts the relationship between the machines and the humans in exciting and uncharted territories.

4 months ago
Headshot of Raffaela Sadun with Social Science Bites logo attached

Raffaella Sadun on Effective Management

While it seems intuitively obvious that good management is important to the success of an organization, perhaps that obvious point needs some evidence given how so many institutions seem to muddle through regardless. Enter Raffaela Sadun, the Charles E. Wilson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School …

4 months ago