Month: September 2023

Woodcut shows men and mules resting from digging embankment above railway tracks with smoke rising from various other camps in the distance.

What You Should Know About Megaprojects and Why: An Overview

This article by Bent Flyvbjerg examines the misconceptions and strategic misrepresentations that routinely result in the implementation of projects for which there is inadequate justification, absorbing funds that could have been better spent elsewhere.

3 hours ago
Close-up photo of child playing with toy cars.

Improving Well-being in Families of Children with Additional Needs

Many families around the world are caring for members with additional needs, which can be complex, unpredictable, and long-term. The challenges related to caregiving of this nature affect not only parents but also siblings, grandparents, and other members of the extended family.

6 hours ago
A person's hand fills out survey with pen.

Surveys Provide Insight Into Three Factors That Encourage Open Data and Science

Over a 10-year period Carol Tenopir of DataONE and her team conducted a global survey of scientists, managers and government workers involved in broad environmental science activities about their willingness to share data and their opinion of the resources available to do so (Tenopir et al., 2011, 2015, 2018, 2020). Comparing the responses over that time shows a general increase in the willingness to share data (and thus engage in Open Science).

6 days ago
Photo of textbooks for various different languages stacked on top of each other.

Efforts To Protect Endangered Minority Languages: Helpful Or Harmful?

Headlines abound with the plight of endangered minority languages around the world. Read a few of these and you’ll see some common themes: the rising number of languages dying worldwide, the distressing isolation of individual last speakers and the wider cultural loss for humanity.

2 weeks ago
Outdoor picture of Melissa Kearney

Melissa Kearney on Marriage and Children

In this Social Science Bites podcast, economist Melissa Kearney reviews the long-term benefits of growing up in a two-parent household and details some of the reasons why such units have declined in the last four decades.

3 weeks ago