Early Career Researchers

At the beginning of your career, what are the key issues and challenges you face as a social scientist? On this page – and across Social Science Space, in fact – are some tools and resources that may be of use.

Blogging on early career topics:
Dr. Sarah-Louise Quinnell Is a social scientist, specifically a Development Geographer. Sarah has wide ranging research interests from international environmental politics and development planning to geographies of cyberspace and using social media for academic research and researcher development. Sarah is the founder of www.networkedresearcher.co.uk and also makes regular contributions to the thesis whisperer and Guardian Higher Education Network.

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Discuss with other early career researchers
Use our forum to get more direct information from others in the same boat as you

Getting published
Need help getting your article or book published? Here are some useful tips and tools:

Some other useful sites with support for early career researchers in the social sciences

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