Resources Addressing Structural Racism

The roots of social and behavioral science lie in examinations of inequality and social ills and efforts drawn from research and theory to ameliorate these wicked problems. This inquiry has and continues to offer some of this scholarship’s highest highs (and at times some of its lowest lows), with work on racism, ‘otherness,’ inequality, and structural failures in societies commanding scholarly attention. This collection of articles and audiovisual pieces related to structural racism and institutional violence have appeared at Social Science Space. They have been written by the members of the community itself – social and behavioral scientists and their scholarly organizations.

Social and behavioral science is being deployed to assuage fears, understand risk, improve public health and implement social distancing strategies in the wake of COVID-19.CLICK HERE for articles and resources to assist in that educational effort.

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Here you’ll find a range of resources based on social and behavioral science for researchers, instructors, students, policymakers—as well as the general public— to help you educate, inform, research and learn.

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A wealth of data is now available for social and behavioral scientists studying the COVID-19 outbreak. Explore datasets, visualizations and resources in this collection from SAGE Ocean.

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