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The United States Census, in the mandated decennial count and products like the American Community Survey, is the premier source of longitudinal public data about the population of the United States. It is of immense importance to social and behavioral researchers as well as the more traditional audiences of policymakers, politicians and the public. This year’s census is moving away from paper and can be filled out online. Meanwhile, census workers are using mobile phone apps, as well as aerial imagery, increased advertising, and overall more digital technology. All of this occurs against a background of intense politicization and fiscal stretching unprecedented in the bureau’s history. This collection of articles and resources offers opinions, updates, and tips about the Census process, funding and uses of its data.

Social and behavioral science is being deployed to assuage fears, understand risk, improve public health and implement social distancing strategies in the wake of COVID-19.CLICK HERE for articles and resources to assist in that educational effort.

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