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Putting Active Learning into All Sociology Programs
By Kathleen Odell Korgen | Among the top-ranked liberal arts schools, all but one offer sociology courses that include active learning experiences. The good news is that now all instructors—no matter the size of their classes or their school’s endowment—can find ways to incorporate active learning into their courses. READ MORE
What is Active Learning?
By Maxine P. Atkinson | What constitutes active learning? How can you tell if a teaching technique qualifies as active? “A simple way to distinguish active learning,” says Dr. Maxine Atkinson, “is to ask the question: Who is doing the intellectual work?” READ MORE
Creating a Student Initiated Online Course Review
By Kathleen Odell Korgen | Ever wonder what your online students have retained at the end of the course? Professor Kathleen Odell Korgen did also and she used “extra credit” to find out. READ MORE
When Should You Lecture?
By Maxine Atkinson | Dr. Atkinson shares her secrets on what makes a good lecture stick. Hints: This will involve engagement and involvement. READ MORE
Creating an Active Learning Culture
By David Rohall | Creating an active learning culture is more than just developing one or two courses in which students go out into the community, it involves building relationships with community leaders and norms that encourage active learning. READ MORE
Checking for Understanding through Reflection: 3-2-1
By Maxine Atkinson | Dr. Atkinson describes some of her failures while teaching and the realization on the reason why her lessons weren’t always reaching the students. READ MORE
Teaching Foundational Concepts by Using the SEE-I Process
By Maxine Atkinson | Dr. Maxine Atkinson shares her thoughts and challenges on how application is a crucial step to teaching foundational concepts. READ MORE