Social Science Podcasts

This compilation of podcast series covers a host of topics and focus on specific subjects that pertain to the social and behavioral sciences. Between the housing crisis in California, indigenous culture and storytelling, to interrogating the backdrop and historical narrative that founds western societies today, these podcasts freely explore the ins and outs of our everyday and interrelated human interactions, experiences and events. As such, we have divided the podcasts into categories, separating those about the social sciences from those that are influenced by social science subjects.

These podcasts reflect the views and approaches of their various creators, and thus do not necessarily reflect those of Social Science Space or its sponsor.

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Podcasts about the Social Sciences

Monthly Spotlight Podcast: The We Society

The We Society | Academy of Social Sciences

In this podcast hosted by Will Hutton, academics discuss social science research, contemporary issues and discuss social forces at work.

Podcasts Sponsored by SAGE Publishing

Social Science Bites | Social Science Space

Pride of place to Social Science Space’s very own monthly podcast series, hosted by the BBC’s David Edmonds. The social world is a world we create, that we all have in common. In this series of illuminating podcasts, hear leading social scientists present their perspectives on how our social world is created, and how social science can help us understand people and how they behave.

SAGE Psychology and Psychiatry | SAGE Publishing

The official podcast of SAGE for Psychology and Psychiatry.

SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets with principal offices in Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore.

SAGE Business and Management | SAGE Publishing

The official podcast of SAGE for Business and Management.

SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets with principal offices in Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore.

SAGE Sociology | SAGE Publishing

The official podcast of SAGE for Sociology.

SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets with principal offices in Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore.


The Sociology Show | Matthew Wilkin

The Sociology Show, hosted by Matthew Wilkin, who lectures at Bellerbys College in Brighton, conducts interviews with a range of different people within the world of sociology

The Social Breakdown | Ellen, Omar and Penn

Sociology students come together to discuss complex world issues through a sociological lens. A lot is going on right now in society, and sociology has a lot of tools and insight to offer. 

Research and Academia

Behavioral Grooves | Exploring Why We Do What We Do

Stories, science and secrets from the world’s brightest thought-leaders. Behavioral Grooves is the podcast that satisfies your curiosity of why we do what we do. Explanations of human behavior that will improve your relationships, your well-being, and your organization by helping you find your groove. Hosted by Kurt Nelson,  founder and lead behavioral scientist at The Lantern Group, and Tim Houlihan, founder of BehaviorAlchemy LLC.

Logo for the Research Culture Uncovered Podcast

Research Culture Uncovered | Research Culturosity, University of Leeds

This podcast focuses on our ideas, approaches and learning as we contribute to the university’s attempt to create a research culture in which everyone can thrive, exploring what a positive research culture is and why it matters.

logo for the academic minute

The Academic Minute | Inside Higher Ed

This podcast, the brainchild of Albany’s WAMC and its president, Alan Chartock, features experts from top research institutions and provides updates on groundbreaking scientific research. 

Logo for the AAPOR podcast

Public Opinion Podcast | American Association For Public Opinion Research

This podcast dives into the public opinion research field and covers topics like polling, advances in technology and why surveys are imperative to society.



logo for Social Science of War podcast series

Social Science of War | West Point Department of Social Sciences

This bi-weekly podcast, the Social Science of War, is produced by the Department of Social Science at the United States Military Academy West Point. It is one of several podcasts produced at West Point through the Modern War Institute; others include the Modern War Institute podcast; The Spear; Urban Warfare Project; and Irregular Warfare.

Oh, The Humanities! (And Social Sciences) | Marco Cimino

This podcast is dedicated to the teaching and learning of humanities and social sciences (HASS) in all stages of school – with some general education thrown in as wel

*Meet the Education Researcher | Neil Selwyn

Emerging issues and the latest ideas from across the world of education research. Hear from a range of academics about their current research work in schools, universities and beyond. Hosted by Neil Selwyn from Monash University, Australia.

How Did I Get Here? | Discover Economics

This series aims to challenge common perceptions of economists through a series of conversations with professionals in the field.

LSE IQ Podcast | The London School of Economics and Political Science 

A monthly podcast from the London School of Economics and Political Science, which asks some of the leading social scientists – and other experts – to answer intelligent questions about economics, politics or society.

The Academic Writing Amplified | Cathy Mazak

In this podcast hosted by Cathy Mazak, womxn and nonbinary professors are given the tools to write and publish more while rejecting the culture of overwork in academia.

Marginally Significant | Andrew Smith, Twila Wingrove, Andrew Monroe and Chris Holden

Marginally Significant is a podcast discussing life in academia, issues with scientific research and current events. Join the hosts, who are all psychologists trained at research-focused institutions but now teach at a comprehensive university. 

Hidden Brain | Shankar Vedantam

Hosted by NPR social science correspondent Shankar VedantamHidden Brain links research from psychology and neurobiology with findings from economics, anthropology, and sociology, among other fields. 

SciComm Stories | Amanda Mathieson

A digital breakroom for science communicators. 

The Human Show | Corina Enache, Andrea Rozenbaum and Maria Siaulyte

The Human Show is  a place to talk about industry, scholarship, social science, humans — and what is meaningful to them!

Social Distance Assistance | VPM

A podcast about looking for the helpers during the pandemic. Host Kelly Jones and her daughter, June, set out to find creative problem solvers who are supporting their communities in the era of social distancing. They explore how people are helping and sit down with experts who can answer our most pressing questions and share advice on how to become helpers ourselves.

Human Centered | John Markoff

Conversations about projects and research undertaken by scholars at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University. CASBS brings together great minds to generate new knowledge to address wicked problems and significant societal challenges. It is a place where boundaries and assumptions are challenged in order to advance our understanding of human beliefs, behaviors, interactions, and institutions. A place that is human centered.

Evidence to Impact | Penn State Social Science Research Institute

The Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative is comprised of dedicated Penn State researchers distributed across the domains of social science focused on translating research findings into practical insights for decision makers, with the ultimate aim to support the policymaking process and improve human outcomes. The podcast is supported by the Social Science Research Institute.

The Action Research Podcast | Adam Stieglitz, Vanessa Gold, Shikha Diwakar and Joe Levitan

Intended mostly for those interested in research and social change, The Action Research Podcast aims to offer unique and valuable insights for the field through accessible and engaging conversations about the “what” “why” and “how” of Action Research.

No Jargon | Scholars Strategy Network

Join top scholars for monthly discussions of contemporary issues and policy approaches, explained using the latest research.

Your Words Unleashed | Leslie Wang

Sociology professor Leslie Wang offers practical guidance and motivation for women scholars writing their first book. Episodes cover how to create a sustainable writing schedule, identify ideal readers, find your authentic voice as a writer, and get published by an academic press—all while enjoying your life. 

The Arch and the Anth Podcast | Michael B. C. Rivera

The Arch and Anth Podcast aims to provides entertaining and educational content about archaeology and anthropology. Host Michael B. C. Rivera is an expert in the study of human biology, human behavior and human societies worldwide, from the earliest beginnings to modern times. Episodes come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Current Directions In Psychological Science Podcast logo

Current Directions In Psychological Science | The Association For Psychological Science

Current Directions In Psychological Science publishes reviews by leading experts covering scientific psychology and its applications.

Under the Cortex podcast logo

Under The Cortex | The Association For Psychological Science

Under The Cortex explains what science tells us about the way we think, behave and learn about the world around us.

The Positive Psychology Podcast | Kristen Truempy

This podcast brings psychologists together to discuss the science of the good life through appreciation of beauty, gratitude, positive emotions, relationships and love. 

The Psychology Podcast With Scott Barry Kaufman

The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kaufman explores the depths of human potential. Each episode sees a talk with inspiring and thought-provoking guests who will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of yourself, others, and the world we live in. 

Big Brains | University of Chicago

Stories from the people behind the pioneering research and pivotal breakthroughs at the University of Chicago. Adweek’s “Best Branded Podcast” of 2020.

Choiceology | Katy Milkman

Listen in as host Katy Milkman shares stories of irrational decision making—from historical blunders to the kinds of everyday errors that could affect your future. Choiceology, an original podcast from Charles Schwab, explores the lessons of behavioral economics, exposing the psychological traps that lead to expensive mistakes.

Psych Everywhere | PSI CHI The International Honor Society in Psychology 

This is the official podcast for Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. In each episode, distinguished guests weigh in on psychology’s role in contemporary issues and bettering your life.

A Slight Change of Plans | Dr. Maya Shankar

There are few things in life that are as complex and messy—and potentially magical—as change. On A Slight Change of Plans, you’ll hear intimate conversations that give an unvarnished look into how people navigate changes of all kinds and use that change to ultimately grow. 

Podcasts Influenced by the Social Sciences

These podcasts address topics pertaining to the social and behavioral sciences or are hosted by social scientists approaching current events from their academic, experiential and methodological perchws. 

Huberman Lab | Andrew Huberman and Scicomm Media

Huberman Lab discusses neuroscience: how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body control our perceptions, our behaviors and our health. The podcast also discusses existing and emerging tools for measuring and changing how our nervous system works. 


SAPIENS: A Podcast for Everything Human | Ora Marek-Martinez and Yoli Ngandali

What makes you … you? And who tells what stories and why? SAPIENS hosts Ora Marek-Martinez and Yoli Ngandali explore stories of Black and Indigenous scholars as they transform the field of archeology and the stories that make us … us.


Intersectionality Matters | Kimberlé Crenshaw and the African American Policy Forum

In each episode, Kimberlé Crenshaw, a professor of law at the University of California, Los Angeles and Columbia Law School and developer of the theory of intersectionality, interviews thinkers, creatives, advocates and academics about how the issues of the day reflect the reality of intersectionality.

Justice Today | National Institute of Justice

Science is at the heart of American justice, and NIJ delivers the science that fights crime and helps victims. Listen as NIJ scientists describe how research impacts real-world criminal justice — from gun violence and human trafficking, to school safety and alternatives to mass incarceration. 

Do Better Research | Suzanne Albary 

In Do Better Research, a learning-focused podcast about research methods, host Suzanne Albary, guides you through research methods to become a better researcher, both for academic study and professional practice. Listen for interviews with active researchers to hear how they use certain methods, what methodologies work for them, and their top tips for doing better research.

Practical Significance | Amstat News

A podcast to inspire listeners with compelling stories from statistics and data science and to propel data-driven careers forward with learning opportunities for all. 


More or Less | Tim Harford and BBC Radio 4

Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. 

Stats and Stories | John Bailer, Richard Campbell and Rosemary Pennington 

A podcast about the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics. 

The Surviving Society Podcast | Chantelle Lewis and Tissot Regis

Exploring local and global politics of race and class from a sociological perspective.

The Conversation Weekly | The Conversation

Academic experts around the world to help unpick the context behind the headlines – and hear from scholars carrying out brand new research about how the world works. 

Don’t Call Me Resilient | The Conversation and Vinita Srivastava

In this provocative new podcast from The Conversation, Srivastava takes you deep into conversations with scholars and activists who view the world through an anti-racist lens. Instead of calling those who have survived the pain of systemic racism resilient, this podcast goes in search of solutions for those things no one should have to be resilient for.

The Cybersecurity Readiness Podcast |Dave Chatterjee

The Cybersecurity Readiness podcast serves to have a reflective, thought-provoking and jargon free discussion on how to enhance the state of cybersecurity at an individual, organizational and national level. Host Dr. Dave Chatterjee converses with subject matter experts, business and technology leaders, trainers and educators and members of user communities. 

Unlocking Us | Brené Brown

Join researcher and #1 New York Times best-selling author Brené Brown as she unpacks and explores the ideas, stories, experiences, books, films, and music that reflect the universal experiences of being human, from the bravest moments to the most brokenhearted.

Reply All | Gimlet Media 

Reply All is hosted by PJ Vogt, Alex Goldman, and Emmanuel Dzotsi. Since 2014, the show has featured stories about how people shape the internet, and how the internet shapes people. Vogt and Goldman previously hosted the technology and culture podcast TLDR for WNYC.

The Sunday Show | Tech Policy Press

Tech Policy Press is a startup nonprofit media & community venture that will provoke debate and discussion at the intersection of technology and democracy.

New Books Network | Marshall Poe 

A podcast with Marshall Poe, editor of the New Books Network, who sits down with authors to talk about their new books on a range of topics within the social and behavioral sciences. 

Making Sense | Sam Harris

Join Sam Harris as he explores some of the most important questions about the human mind, society, and current events.

Anarchism Research Group | Loughborough University

The ARG provides an informal space for the discussion, exploration and analysis of anarchist ideas and practices; support anarchism research across scholarly disciplines in the University; help raise the profile of anarchist studies through scholarship and public engagement; co-ordinate with external networks to promote international collaborative work and anarchism research at Loughborough University; organise seminars for postgraduate researchers working on aspects of anarchist history and politics.  

Resistance | Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr.

Resistance  tells stories about black activism across the globe. It is about people refusing to accept things as they are.

Story-telling/Story-listening | Jessica Hum

Story-telling and story-listening podcast explores multiple Indigenous and cultural epistemologies through practice of recording oral stories and teachings as a method of preparation for climate change. The host, Jessica Hum, aims to build relationships of mutual respect and reciprocity, producing a series of podcasts which serve as a boundary object.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe | Steven Novella, Jay Novella, Cara Santa Maria, Bob Novella, Evan Bernstein

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe is dedicated to promoting critical thinking and science literacy through insightful content and resources including an award-winning weekly podcast.

Short Wave | Maddie Sofia

New discoveries, everyday mysteries, and the science behind the headlines — all in about 10 minutes, every weekday. It’s science for everyone, using a lot of creativity and a little humor. Join host Maddie Sofia for science on a different wavelength.

Social Worker’s Break Room | Treehouse Sound Inc

Social Worker’s Break Room was born out of the need to have a safe space where we can talk about all the unspoken truths of social work and beyond. Hosted by social workers based in the Southwest who understand that in order to make a long-lasting impact and change, individuals must be vocal and active advocates.

Throughline | NPR

The past is never past. Every headline has a history. Join every week as we go back in time to understand the present. These are stories you can feel and sounds you can see from the moments that shaped our worlds.

Rough Translation | NPR

How are the things we’re talking about being talked about somewhere else in the world? Gregory Warner tells stories that follow familiar conversations into unfamiliar territory. At a time when the world seems small but it’s as hard as ever to escape our echo chambers, Rough Translation takes you places.

SOLD OUT: Rethinking Housing in America | KQED

Tents, evictions and gentrification. SOLD OUT envisions what home should be by examining California, the epicenter of the nation’s housing affordability crisis. Meet the dreamers and doers who are finding solutions to high housing costs because none of us can afford to wait.

The Social Matters | Nadia, Fran, Eugene

Three friends that happen to be social workers discuss current social issues from their front room. Expect debate and hard hitting real talk with a sprinkle of top drawer humor to keep it moving.

American Tapestry Project | WQLN

In the “American Tapestry: We Tell Ourselves Stories,” Andrew Roth explores the post-1968 shattering of the American story by asking “What is the ‘story of America’? Is there such a thing? Is there only one story, or are there many stories? If there are many stories, how are they woven, can they be woven, together to tell the story of America?”

Inspired Living | Shawn Horn

Inspired Living is a health and wellness podcast discussing topics related to personal growth, self-improvement, relationships, psychology, and living wholeheartedly. With more than two decades of clinical experience, clinical psychologist Shawn Horn, is now bringing the wisdom of the therapy room to her listeners by sharing insights, experience and expert knowledge.

Personality Love Lab | So Syncd

Interviews with real people and real couples to delve deeper into the dynamics of personality types and love. Brought to you by the two sisters who founded So Syncd, the first dating app and website based on personality types.

S-Town | Brian Reed

S-Town is a new podcast from Serial and This American Life, hosted by Brian Reed, about a man named John who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks Brian to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder, but then someone else ends up dead, and the search for the truth leads to a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man’s life.

Your Brain at Work | Neuroleadership Institute

This podcast from the NeuroLeadership Institute combines research and practice, brain science and business leadership, Your Brain at Work explores how insights from the lab can provide solutions that work across industries and at any scale. 

This American Life | WBEZ Chicago

This American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. Each week we choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme. 

No Jargon | Scholars Strategy Network

Join top scholars for monthly discussions of contemporary issues and policy approaches, explained using the latest research.

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