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We’re Inviting You to Share Your Story of Impact

As part of a SAGE project to demonstrate, measure and promote this impact, we’re looking for short write-ups from members of the social science community that we can share widely to make the case that our disciplines routinely provide knowledge that can be used to improve the human condition.

1 month ago
Euny Hong on TV
The Power of Nunchi and the Making of a Self-Help Fad

With a little luck, nunchi — billed as ‘the Korean secret to happiness,’ might just become the next mindfulness, spawning a decade-defining self-help trend and sparking a lasting media debate.

2 days ago
Analysis: Indonesia Needs Quality Research to Inform Policy-Making

Our study, Doing Research Assessment, shows Indonesian policy-making is predominantly informed by research with poor theoretical engagement, with no strong tradition of peer review and with legal threats to academic freedom.

3 days ago
Free Resource: MethodSpace Webinar

Method Space is hosting a free webinar about the book-writing/publishing process in full, from acquisition to publication. Make sure to register before November 14th!

3 days ago
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Why Social Science? Because It Can Improve the Lives of Those Who Serve Our Country

While considerations of the impact of science and the military often focuses on weaponry, social science has also contributed to the lives of the warriors themselves. Here, Leanne Knobloch and Steven Wilson outline four specific contributions on this Veterans’ Day.

3 days ago
Life Scientist Sudip Parikh to Head AAAS

Life scientist Sudip Parikh has been tapped to head the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the organization announced last week. He will be the 19th chief executive the AAAS, the world’s largest multidisciplinary scientific society, has had in its 171 years.

1 week ago
Call for Papers: Information-Communication Technology and Social Science

Information-communication technology tools for social science, whether already in existence or to be developed, could change the way we carry out research, collaborate, disseminate and evaluate research outputs.

1 week ago
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A man putting money in his coat pocket (suspiciously)
U.S. Army medical researchers take part in World Malaria Day
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