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Exploring Public-Private Partnerships in the National Capital Region of the United States

In this article, Yu Wang, Young Hoon Kwak, and Qingbin Cui reflect on the importance of effective public-private partnerships and how these […]

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Uncovering ‘Sneaked References’ in an Article’s Metadata

The authors describe how by chance they learned how some actors have added extra references, invisible in the text but present in the articles’ metadata, when those unscrupulous actors submitted the articles to scientific databases.

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With or Without You: Career Capital Development as Experienced by MBA Alumni

In this article, co-authors Elizabeth Houldsworth, Andrea Tresidder, and Tatiana Rowson answer a few questions regarding the inspiration of their recent article, […]

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AI Upskilling Can and Should Empower Business School Faculty

If schools provide the proper support and resources, they will help educators move from anxiety to empowerment when integrating AI into the classroom.

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Understanding HR Managers’ Role in Shaping Fair Organizational Policies and Practice

In this article, researchers Katie Geradine and Ishbel McWha-Hermann reflect on the connection between global crises, social inequalities, and the role of human resource managers in the workplace.

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AI Database Created Specifically to Support Social Science Research

A new database houses more 250 different useful artificial intelligence applications that can help change the way researchers conduct social science research.

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Corporate Health Policy: Pioneering a Fresh Avenue of Research

In this article, Lilia Raquel Rojas-Cruz, Irene Henriques, Bryan Husted reflect on the inspiration behind their research article, “Exploring Public Health Research for Corporate Health Policy: Insights for Business and Society Scholars,” in Business & Society.

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Paper Opening Science to the New Statistics Proves Its Import a Decade Later

An article in the journal Psychological Science, “The New Statistics: Why and How” by La Trobe University’s Geoff Cumming, has proved remarkably popular in the years since and is the third-most cited paper published in a Sage journal in 2013.

Christopher Everett raises his arm over book held by two people next to him as he repeats oath from woman wearing robe

Reflections of a Former Student Body President: ‘Student Government is a Thankless Job’

Christopher Everett, outgoing student body president at the University of North Carolina, reflects on the role of student governance in the modern, and conflicted, university

Headshot of Megan Stevenson along with Social science Bites logo

Megan Stevenson on Why Interventions in the Criminal Justice System Don’t Work

Megan Stevenson’s work finds little success in applying reforms derived from certain types of social science research on criminal justice.

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A Milestone Dataset on the Road to Self-Driving Cars Proves Highly Popular

The idea of an autonomous vehicle – i.e., a self-driving car – isn’t particularly new. Leonardo da Vinci had some ideas he […]


2024 Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association

This year, the American Sociological Association (ASA) will be holding their 119th annual meeting with the theme “Intersectional Solidarities: Building Communities of […]


2024 Joint Statistical Meeting

The Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM) is the largest gathering of data scientists and statisticians in North America. This year, the 2024 JSM […]


Webinar: The Hauser Policy Impact Fund Webinar Series: Navigating the Era of Artificial Intelligence Part 2: The Role of Social Sciences

The National Academies of Sciences will be holding part two of The Hauser Policy Impact Fund Webinar Series on July 25, 2024. […]


Congressional Briefing: Maternal Mortality in America: Understanding the Challenges and Crafting Population Based Solutions

The Population Association of America (PAA) is a nonprofit, professional, and scientific organization that supports and pursues high-quality population research. On July […]


2024 Summer Evaluation Institute

The American Evaluation Association’s Summer Evaluation Institute is back in-person in Washington, DC in 2024. This conference will offer professional development workshops […]

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Fifth Edition of ‘The Evidence’: Do Peacebuilding Practices Exclude Women?

The June 2024 installment of The Evidence newsletter puts post-war conflict resolution practices under the microscope – taking a closer look at how women are adversely affected by these peacebuilding exercises.


Workshop: Human and Organizational Factors in Artificial Intelligence Risk Management (Safety in Context: Culture, Processes, and Frameworks)

On July 2, 2024, the National Academies of Sciences will hold the fourth installment of their workshop series on Human and Organizational […]


Felice Levine to Leave AERA in 2025

Social psychologist Felice Levine, who has served as executive director of the American Educational Research Association for more than 22 years, will step down in 2025.

Exterior view of No 10 Downing Street showing sign with address

Why We’ve Had to Dramatically Shift How We Talk About UK Politics

The upcoming UK General Election is often framed as ‘Rishi or Kier for PM.’ This is not, write the authors a textbook on UK politics, the questions being asked by actual Britons.


Karine Morin Takes Helm of Canada’s Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Karine Morin, whose experience in the policy world spans health and health research, the physical sciences and equity, diversity, and inclusion, has been named the new president and CEO of Canada’s Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

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Responsible Management Education Week 2024: Sage Asks ‘What Does It Mean to You?’

Sage used the opportunity of Responsible Business Management week 2024 to ask its authors, editors, and contacts what responsible management education means to them.


Pandemic Nemesis: Illich reconsidered

An unexpected element of post-pandemic reflections has been the revival of interest in the work of Ivan Illich, a significant public intellectual […]

Dad reads to kid

How ‘Dad Jokes’ Help Children Learn How To Handle Embarrassment

Yes, dad jokes can be fun. They play an important role in how we interact with our kids. But dad jokes may also help prepare them to handle embarrassment later in life.


Nominations Open for 2025 Sage-CASBS Award

The award recognizes achievement in the social and behavioral sciences that advances understanding of pressing social issues. Deadline: September 16, 2024.