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Adam Russell

White House Stands up ARPA-H, Names Anthropologist Adam Russell to Lead Launch

The United States has formally established the Advanced Research Project Agency for Health, or ARPA-H, as an independent entity within the National Institutes of Health. Anthropologist Adam H. Russell will head the new agency as acting deputy director

Drops impact

Impact ≠ Impact ≠ Impact 

In this second response to Ziyad Marar’s thought piece “On Measuring Social Science Impact” from Organizational Studies, Anne-Wil Harzing, professor of international management and staff development lead at Middlesex University Business School, sets the stage for further discussion by defining impact in terms of progressing scientific knowledge, developing critical thinking, and addressing societal problems. 

Lawrence Freedman

Watch a Social Scientist Reflect on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

“It’s very hard,” explains Sir Lawrence Freedman, “to motivate people when they’re going backwards.”

Woman talking with child in hoodie in big city

As a Black Sociologist and a Mom, What I’ve Learned Listening to Other Black Moms During Pandemic

Loren Henderson describes her work with BarBara Scott as part of a small body of descriptive research, mostly by researchers of color, countering negativity and victim-blaming in earlier studies of Black families.

Empty seats surrounding large meeting table in wood-paneled room

Do Business Decisions Differ When Racial Minorities Make the Decisions in the Boardroom?

The answer may seem obvious, yet empirical evidence is often mixed as to whether the racial composition of a firm’s board of directors influences corporate decisions.

Jewish American Heritage month logo

Acknowledging and Commemorating Jewish American Heritage Month

The first group of Jewish settlers arrived in colonial America in 1654 in New Amsterdam (present-day New York City). They […]

Signs in English, Swedish and Arabic

Pandemic Management – The Path Not Taken

New data from the WHO show that during the pandemic’s first two years, Sweden had half the excess death rate of the UK, Germany or Spain – and a quarter of the excess death rate of many countries in Eastern Europe.

Bounce Back Loan landing page from the British Business bank

Saving Private Business – The UK Bounce Back Loan

Authors Marc Cowling, Paul Nightingale, Nick Wilson, and Marek Kacer find “everything researched and written about COVID-19 in whatever context […]

Screenshot of the Blackpool FC website bearing Jake daniels picture and message

Coming Out in eSports: The Price Paid by Soldier 76

Footballer Jake Daniels’ coming out leads us to ask – would other sports, like eSports, be more welcoming of a figure being gay?


Who Actually Makes Use of Open Access Research? We Looked at US National Academies Reports

Drawing on a dataset covering over a million user comments about their use of US National Academies consensus study reports, Ameet Doshi, Diana Hicks, Matteo Zullo and Omar I. Asensio find widespread use of open research in the public sphere.

Drawing of a businessman with arms raised against backdrop of world map

The More Enthusiastic, the Better? Lessons from Crowdfunding

Surely an entrepreneur’s pitch should be enthusiastic and passionate, right? Well, the authors’ research finds that there are instances where unbridled enthusiasm, especially without accompanying expertise, turns off funders.

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several generations of family on steps of wood-frame house

Indigenous Societies and the True Value of Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Recent studies have underscored that conservationists can learn a lot from traditional ecological knowledge about successful resource management.


Don’t Let Your Gender Impede Efforts to Gain Credibility in Negotiations

The research is clear:  the more credible the messenger, the more credible the message. Nowhere is this more important than […]

Detail of mural showing two workers and man in lab coat working at table

Where Does ‘Post-Naive’ Science Diplomacy Go From Here?

Doubravka Olšáková and Sam Robinson, argue that we are at the beginning of a new era of ‘post naïve’ science diplomacy. 


An Unabridged View of Digital in the Built Environment

While the built environment is an important sector globally, it is notoriously one of two sectors with low digitization.

Detail of mural showing man and woman reaching for atoms and for dove

Seeing Past the Naiveté of Science Diplomacy to Discern Its Benefits

Doubravka Olšáková and Sam Robinson discuss how the conflict in Ukraine highlights the limitations of conceptions of ‘science diplomacy’ since the turn of the 21st century.

Graphic on Perspectives on Social Science Impact

Impact: Who Decides? 

In this first response to Ziyad Marar’s thought piece “On Measuring Social Science Impact,” professor Sue Fletcher-Watson, who represents a field where the direct purpose is to improve the quality of life for a group of individuals, shares why current metrics fall short and what we can do about it.

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On Measuring Social Science Impact: An Excerpt

The following essay by Ziyad Marar is adapted from “On Measuring Social Science Impact,” published in the journal Organization Studies. To […]

Grid showing the chief, clan, custodian, consortium model modes of governance for enterprise blockchains

The Boon and Bane of Blockchain

Successful blockchain managers have a thorough understanding of the network structures for which blockchains are used, choose the appropriate governance mode, and adapt it dynamically to changes in the network structure.


Criminologist Nancy La Vigne to Head U.S. National Institute of Justice

President Joe Biden has named criminologist Nancy La Vigne to head the National Institute of Justice, the arm of the […]

Five university students focused on computer screen

‘Belonging’ on Campus: Three Ways to Make it So

Michelle Samura doesn’t question that belonging on campus is an important consideration. Rather, she suggests that people question generally accepted ways of talking about belonging.

Strings of data in green on computer screen

Another COVID Casualty: Pew Examines Americans’ View of Science

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted science research itself, but also how Americans view science in their daily lives? The […]


Dispatches from Social and Behavioral Scientists on COVID

Has the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impacted how social and behavioral scientists view and conduct research? If so, how exactly? And […]

A large infographic from the World Health Organization outlines 12 points for safe use of non-medical cloth faces masks

SSRC, NSF Team Up To Examine Impact of Public Health Guidance

In a new initiative with an initial $20 million budget, the U.S. National Science Foundation is partnering with the Social Science Research Council to identify and support science research into public health guidance and its impact.


Preparing the Next Generation of Graduates Using Interdisciplinary Team-Based Learning 

Professional bodies and industry leaders often suggest there’s a mismatch between the theoretical knowledge students acquire at university and the […]