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New U.S. Budget Includes 12 Percent Hike for NSF

Shortly before the new year, legislation — which among many other things increased funding for the United States National Science Foundation by 12 percent compared to the current year – was signed by President Joe Biden.

5 months ago

House Appropriations Panel Aims to Increase NSF Budget

This week the Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives approved the budget bill that includes funding for the National Science Foundation. The Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Act (CJS) proposes increasing funding for the NSF — which is the largest source of research funding for university social and behavioral science in the United States – by $270 million above the current year’s appropriation.

3 years ago

The How, and Who, of Federal Social Science Funding

With a large portion of social and behavioral science basic research paid for by the United States government, how the funding process works and who makes the decisions is of vital interest. Here’s a primer on the process and list of key players in the 115th Congress. Plus, sign up for a webinar on the issue!

6 years ago