Impact Agenda

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Return Political Science to the Noble Science of Politics

As the ‘impact agenda’ weighs ever more on political scientists (and the academy as a whole), ). this should be seen less a threat to autonomy than an opportunity to rise to political science’s inherent public responsibilities.

2 years ago

Social Media Used in Role its Not Equipped For

In a rapidly changing higher education landscape, where the meaning of “impact” are continually developing, benefits of social media seems obvious. Increasing numbers of institutions are encouraging researchers to take up social media to communicate to wider society. However, as Katy Jordan and Mark Carrigan explain, the possibilities social media offers may lead to foreseen problems.

4 years ago

Is Academe Now Privileging Click-bait Over Rigor?

Portia Roelofs and Max Gallien cite Bruce Gilley’s defense of colonialism paper published earlier this month to illustrate how deliberately provocative articles have the capacity to hack academia, to privilege clicks and attention over rigor in research.

5 years ago