Month: December 2015

Tell Us What Scholarly Communication Tools You Use, and Why

There has been a surge of new scholarly communication tools in recent years. But how are researchers incorporating these tools into their research workflows? Jeroen Bosman and Bianca Kramer are attempting to answer that question through a global survey that asks researchers what choices they are making and why. 

7 years ago
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Getting All Bibliometric Efforts Onto the Same Page

A recent conference aimed to bridge the gap between the different communities interested in bibliometrics. A key theme was the strong need for more openness and transparency: transparency in research evaluation processes to avoid biases, transparency of algorithms that compute new scores and openness of useful technology.

7 years ago

SBE Draws Three Flags in Football-Themed Waste Report

Picking up where Tom Coburn left off, the new U.S. senator from Oklahoma has released a punny compendium of what he sees as wasteful federal spending , including the inevitable shots at social and behavioral science grants.

7 years ago
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‘Turgid’ Is NOT a Compliment

Academics need to enter the discussion that the rest of the world engages in every day, argue Jonathan Wai and David Miller. That requires them to write in a more conversational way, they write in an article first published at, umm, The Conversation.

7 years ago