Alister Scott

Alister Scott is professor of environment and spatial planning at the Birmingham School of the Built Environment. His teaching and research interests revolve around urban-rural interrelationships and environmental governance set within an interdisciplinary perspective. He works in partnership with policy and practice professionals to address ‘messy’ problems. Scott's current projects include developing tools for policy and decision makers as part of the National Ecosystems Assessment Follow-on project 2012-2014, and managing environmental change at the rural urban fringe

Slippery slope roadsign

The Slippery Slope: Dumbing Down into Secondary Schools

Although this piece first posted at The Conversation was not intended as a response to Daniel Nehring’s request for opinions about effect of ranking-mania on academic labor, Alister Scott’s observations on the current state of British higher education do shine a light on one facet of the larger issues involved.

8 years ago