Jennifer Bazeley and Jen Waller

Jennifer Bazeley is the interim head of technical services at Miami University Libraries. In this role she oversees the library’s materials expenditures and coordinates all aspects of electronic resources purchased by the library. She is an active member of the library’s Scholarly Communication Committee. Her research interests include the role of libraries in scholarly communication, improving technical services workflows, and analyzing e-resource usage data. Jen Waller works in the Miami University Libraries’ Reference and Collection Services unit as the Interdisciplinary Librarian and Scholarly Communication Liaison. In this role she provides library services to interdisciplinary programs and initiatives across campus and manages the Library’s scholarly communications programs and services, including open access advocacy, author rights, copyright, and new forms of information dissemination and scholarly publishing.

Faculty Learning Community

Teaching Communities of Faculty About Scholarly Communication

Two Miami University librarians details how their school’s ‘faculty learning community’ cultivated awareness of the entire scholarly communication landscape and created stronger faculty advocates for change, but also highlighted key differences between established and newer faculty.

8 years ago