Diego Chavarro and Ismael Ràfols

Diego Chavarro is an adviser to Colciencias, a Colombian governmental organisation in charge of national science and technology policy. His research focuses on research evaluation, knowledge production, and the contribution of science, technology, and innovation to sustainable development. Ismael Ràfols is a research fellow at Ingenio, a science policy institute at the Universitat Politècnica de València. He is also visiting professor at the Centre for Science and Technnology Studies at the University of Leiden. His research focuses on plural and inclusive use of S&T indicators for informing evaluation, funding and research strategies.

Do Journal Rankings Give Short Shrift to the South?

Many research evaluation systems continue to take a narrow view of excellence, judging the value of work based on the journal in which it is published. Recent research by Diego Chavarro, Ismael Ràfols and colleagues shows how such systems underestimate and prove detrimental to the production of research relevant to important social, economic, and environmental issues and reflect the biases of journal citation databases which focus heavily on English-language research from the US and Western Europe.

5 years ago