Matthew Franklin, Dan Howdon, Suzanne Mason, Tony Stone, Monica Jones

Matthew Franklin (pictured) is a senior health economist at the University of Sheffield and principle investigator for the Unlocking Data project. He has more than 13 years of experience exploring the use of real-world data for health economic analyses and care research. Dan Howdon is a senior research fellow in health economics at the University of Leeds. He has experience in various areas of health economics, encompassing decision rules for economic evaluation and empirical research using administrative healthcare data. Suzanne Mason is a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Sheffield, clinician at Barnsley Hospital NHSFT, and associate director of the HDRUK Northern Partnership. Her main research interests include using routine data driven approaches to evaluate emergency and urgent care systems. Tony Stone is a research fellow and data architect in health services research at the University of Sheffield. He has considerable experience in large scale linkage and subsequent analysis of real-world data for healthcare research. Monica Jones is chief data officer for the University of Leeds and associate director for Health Data Research UK. Her research interest spans digital health, cancer research and improvements to health and social care; through the use of open standards and electronic health records, to generate real world data.

Healthcare workers at Thailand Bamrasnaradura Infectious Disease Institute

Unlocking Real-World Data Offers Real Benefits to Public Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has surfaced the potential and risks of linked real word datasets to accelerate and produce new improvements in public health. In this post, the authors outline the opportunities and challenges of using real world data as part of the ‘Unlocking data to inform public health policy and practice’ project.

1 year ago