Ian Preston

Ian Preston is professor in the Department of Economics at University College London. He received his D.Phil in economics from Nuffield College, Oxford in 1989. He is a research fellow of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and is deputy research director of the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration at UCL. He has been the editor of the Economic Journal Conference Volume and of Fiscal Studies. His main research interests are in applied microeconomics, particularly consumer demand, consumption and savings, income distribution, taxation, public spending and child costs, political economy and the economics of sport. His interests in the economics of migration concern especially the impact on receiving countries and the nature of attitudes towards immigrants.

Deaton’s Victory for Applied Economics, Statisticians

Angus Deaton’s work is a model of what applied economics ought to be, says Ian Preston. No award the Nobel committee has made has pleased the author as much, for the recognition it gives both Deaton and the type of work he does.

7 years ago