Author: Jason Ensor

Jason Ensor is the research and technical development manager for digital humanities at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the University of Western Sydney. He studied at Murdoch University in Perth and has held positions at The University of Queensland, Curtin University of Technology, The Australian National University, Murdoch University and The University of Western Australia. Most recently, he was a data analyst in research and development at Murdoch and technical officer for the Australian Centre for Indigenous History at The Australian National University (Canberra). In Perth he administered the whole of Murdoch University’s ERA (Excellence in Research Australia) data submission. In Canberra Ensor led the design and development of one of the largest digital history and knowledge management projects in the field of Australian indigenous history.

Aussie Academics Keep Publishing, and May Start Perishing
April 21, 2014

Aussie Academics Keep Publishing, and May Start Perishing

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