Liv Langfeldt, Dag W. Aksnes and Ingvild Reymert

Liv Langfeldt is a research professor at the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) in Oslo, and director of R-QUEST. Her research expertise is in peer review processes, research quality and evaluation. Dag W. Aksnes is a research professor at NIFU. His expertise is in bibliometrics, performance indicators, national research systems and evaluation. Ingvild Reymert is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo, and affiliated with NIFU. Her research expertise is in research policy and recruitment processes in higher education.

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How Metrics Affect Peer Review for Academic Jobs and Grants

The aim of peer review for research grants and academic hiring boards is to provide expert independent judgement on the quality of research proposals and candidates. Based on findings from a recent survey, Liv Langfeldt, Dag W. Aksnes and Ingvild Reymert, find metrics continue to play a significant role in shaping these decisions, especially for reviewers who are highly ranked themselves.

2 years ago