Leighton Kille, Thibault Lieurade

Pictured: Leighton Kille. Leighton is one of the founders of Journalist's Resource, a project of Harvard Kennedy School, where he was the editor. He was also head of cinema at the Boston Globe for seven years and assistant editor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian for eight years, and has worked in several other media in the United States. Graduate of ESCP Europe and Grenoble School of Management, Thibault Lieurade is a journalist and editorial consultant specialized in economics and management. He worked in several national newsrooms, including M6 and France 24, as well as for the webTV Xerfi channel (backed by the economic research firm Xerfi).

Alvin Roth

Nobel Laureate Alvin Roth: Economics Can Save Lives

“Many people die without getting a transplant because there aren’t enough organs for the people who need them, living donor organs included. Sometimes, you might love someone enough to give him a kidney but you can’t give a kidney to the person you love, because kidneys have to be very well-matched. Kidney exchange is a way of getting some transplants done, even when patients and their donors are not well matched.”

4 years ago