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The Public Policy Group is a research team at the LSE specializing in academic research practices, government policy and public sector reform providing an interface between academia, the private, public and ‘third’ sector. They run a group of blogs including the Impact Blog, LSE Review of Books, British Politics and Policy, European Politics and Policy, American Politics and Policy and Democratic Audit.

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Should Self-Citation Count?

There has been much discussion over how useful citation metrics, like Google Scholar’s H-index, really are and to what extent they can be gamed. Specifically there appears to be concern over the practice of self-citation as it varies widely between disciplines. So what should academics make of self-citations? Referring back to our Handbook on Maximising the Impact of Your Research, the Public Policy Group assess the key issues and advise that self-citations by researchers and teams are a perfectly legitimate and relevant aspect of disciplinary practice. But individuals should take care to ensure their own self-citation rate is not above the average for their particular discipline.

8 years ago