Martyn Hammersley

Martyn Hammersley is professor of educational and social research at The Open University, UK. He has carried out research in the sociology of education and the sociology of the media. However, much of his work has been concerned with the methodological issues surrounding social enquiry. He has written several books, including: (with Paul Atkinson) Ethnography: Principles in Practice (Third edition Routledge 2007); Reading Ethnographic Research (Longman 1991); What's Wrong with Ethnography? (Routledge 1992); The Politics of Social Research (Sage 1995); Taking Sides in Social Research (Routledge, 1999); Educational Research, Policymaking and Practice (Paul Chapman, 2002), Media Bias in Reporting Social Research? The case of reviewing ethnic inequalities in education (Routledge, 2006); Questioning Qualitative Inquiry (Sage 2008), Methodology, Who Needs It? (Sage, 2011), The Myth of Research-Based Policy and Practice (Sage, 2013), and The Limits of Social Science (Sage, 2014).

Impact crash

Is Maximizing the Impact of Research Desirable?

There is a push to demonstrate the impact of the social sciences, especially as political and funding authorities start viewing them through an immediate-payoff prism. But showing impact doesn’t always come at no cost.

9 years ago