Sergio Focardi

Sergio Focardi is professor and researcher at the Finance Group, ESILV EMLV, of the Pole Universitaire De Vinci, Paris, and a founding partner of The Intertek Group, Paris. Sergio is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Portfolio Management. He has (co-)authored numerous articles and books. Sergio's research interests include the econometrics of large equity portfolios, for which he has developed proprietary models, and forecasting trend reversals and large market swings. He consults on financial modeling.

An economy is an evolutionary system

Opinion: Economic Theory Needs a Major Overhaul

Current mainstream economic theory needs an overhaul. Modern advanced economies are complex, evolving systems, which cannot continue to be understood only through aggregate quantity. Sergio Focardi discusses the explanatory power of qualitative (in addition to quantitative) understandings of the market.

3 years ago