Author: Shahida Mariam, Kausar Fiaz Khawaja, Muhammad Nawaz Qiasar, and Farooq Ahmad

Shahida Mariam (pictured) is a doctoral student in management science at International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Earlier she had earned an MS degree in project management from Riphah International University, Islamabad. She works as librarian at Government Associate College, Rawalpindi Cantonment, Pakistan. Kausar Fiaz Khawaja is a Ph.D. in technology management. She works as assistant professor and chairman in the Department of Technology Management (Female Campus), International Islamic University, Islamabad. Muhammad Nawaz Qaisar is a Ph.D. in management science. He works as additional director (Investigation) at National Accountability Bureau, Peshawar. Farooq Ahmad is a Ph.D. in management science. He is assistant professor and Head of the Department of Commerce & Finance at the University of Okara in Pakistan. He has over 18 years of working experience in project-based public and private sector organizations in Pakistan, including project communication, social marketing, and service quality. He has served as a master trainer and guest speaker for several organizations' team and management development programs.

How and When Success Becomes the Fate of Projects
Business and Management INK
January 25, 2022

How and When Success Becomes the Fate of Projects

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