Stephen Pinfield

Stephen Pinfield is senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield’s Information School. He has a particular research interest in scholarly communication and practice, specifically openness. He has been involved in research and development on open access since 2001, when he founded the SHERPA project at the University of Nottingham. He has also been active in a number of national and international policy initiatives on open access and open data since that time.

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Could ‘Faculty Publication Funds’ Drive Gold OA?

Having tracked and analysed the usage data of one university’s central open access fund over eight years, Stephen Pinfield finds that mandates, particularly if accompanied by funding, have played a very important role in encouraging uptake of Gold OA.

7 years ago

The State of Open Access in 18 Statements

Open Access Week starts today and in honor Stephen Pinfield provides an overview of 18 propositions on open access identified through an extensive analysis of the discourse. It is clear that whilst OA has come a long way in the last five years, there is a lot to do in making open access work.

7 years ago
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Unlocking the Real Cost of Gold OA

Are universities able to shoulder the costs of the open access transition, especially as the total cost of publishing is, for the moment, rising? Stephen Pinfield presents findings on the current state of institutional costs.

8 years ago