Stoyan V. Sgourev

Stoyan V. Sgourev was born in Bulgaria, received his PhD in Sociology from Stanford University, and is currently professor of management at ESSEC in Paris, where he teaches art management and art history. He has published on a wide range of topics, including creativity and innovation, art and the art market, social networks and economic history. He is an art collector and recently organized an exhibition of his collection of prints and drawings - and is used to being the only business professor at art history conferences and the only art historian at business conferences.

A Renaissance Primer on Academic Writing

Stoyan V. Sgourev, possibly the only management professor teaching (and indulging in) art history, argues that many of the key principles that guided the evolution of painting during the Italian Renaissance can be usefully applied to the domain of academic writing. Leonardo quite likely never intended to articulate advice on writing as an intellectual activity, but Stoyan borrows generously from his style and writings in formulating a number of basic principles that can help connect with the reader in a similar way to his paintings.

3 years ago