Wouter van de Klippe, Alfredo Yegros, Tim Willemse and Ismael Rafols

Wouter van de Klippe is a researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology studies (CWTS) at Leiden University. His main topics of focus include the political economy of science, ways of advancing more just and equitable research priorities, and forming a more just research and innovation system. Alfredo Yegros is a senior researcher atCWTS. His research revolves around quantitative studies of science, technology and innovation. His research interests embrace public-private interactions and knowledge flows, science-technology linkages, and the relationship between science/technology and innovation. Tim Willemse is a researcher at CWTS. He assists European regions in making innovation strategy decisions to address grand societal challenges by providing analytical insights in the mapping, experimentation and implementation phases. Ismael Rafols is a senior researcher at CWTS. He works on science policy and research evaluation, developing novel approaches to S&T indicators and using mixed-methods for informing evaluation, foresight and research strategies.

Comparing Priorities for Mental Health Research with Fostering Well-Being

Wouter van de Klippe, Alfredo Yegros, Tim Willemse and Ismael Rafols discuss their mixed methods research into prioritization in mental health research, using expert focus groups and bibliometric data to explore how perceptions of where the field should be heading, differ from current research priorities and how different countries have developed different research priorities in this area. 

11 months ago