Author: Yuen J. Huo

My general interest is in understanding the dynamics of relationships among individuals within a group and between members of different groups (e.g., inter-ethnic conflicts). In particular, my research examines how social identity needs and experiences with (un)fairness affect the outcomes of social interactions. In a recent line of work, we are exploring how the quality of interpersonal interactions with group leaders and other members can influence both individuals’ willingness to act as a group member and their overall psychological adjustment, and how these relationships are mediated by motivational needs. We are also continuing to conduct research to identify psychological barriers to intergroup cooperation especially in workplaces, schools, the legal system, and other communities characterized by high levels of racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity. Please visit my lab page for more information.

Prejudice, Discrimination, and COVID-19: Excerpt from ‘Together Apart’
August 27, 2020

Prejudice, Discrimination, and COVID-19: Excerpt from ‘Together Apart’

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