Data Science

3 Possibilities for Combining Data & Social Science

Graham MacDonald, chief data scientist at Urban Institute gets to work on interesting issues that intersect data science and social science every day. Looking back on his work over the year he looks towards the future as he shares the three things he’s most excited about at the intersection of data science and social science

4 years ago

Data Systems & GovTech Apps Impacts Students Positively

Current debates in higher education policy have drawn attention to the significant impacts of marketization, metrics, and performance management on the sector. Ben Williamson argues that a restructuring of the data infrastructure is shaping these HE trends.

5 years ago

How Do You Feel About Companies With Personal Data

The recent revelation that Cambridge Analytica was able to acquire the Facebook data led to a surge of interest and questions around what companies do with people’s data. Amidst all of this, little attention has been paid to the feelings of those whose data are used, shared, and acted upon.

5 years ago