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Logo for the Research Software Alliance

Empowering Research Software 

The paradox of research software lies in the tension between the promotion of software as a scholarly output and the reality of software as a product that needs to be sustained beyond its publication.

1 month ago
Full color logo for DORA, the Declaration on Research Assessment

DORA Announces Three-Year Plan For Research Assessment Reform

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, or DORA, has released a strategic plan to reinforce the organization’s vision “to advance practical and robust approaches to research assessment globally and across all scholarly disciplines.”

2 months ago

What Are The Causes And Cures Of Poor Megaproject Performance?

What is missing in current research and practice is an understanding of megaprojects as
a complete production system—from planning through design, manufacturing, and
construction, to integration and handover to operations. Thinking about megaprojects as
production systems may help us understand how the different dimensions—the six themes
identified in our research—work together to achieve a project’s goals and deliver valuable

2 months ago

Decolonizing Research: Putting India on the Agenda

India presents a rich context for research on work and employment, epitomizing the paradox of being the world’s fifth-biggest economy but one where 92.4 percent of the workforce is informal – insecure, unprotected, poor – and women and disadvantaged groups most vulnerable.

5 months ago