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Will the UK Government Listen to Nurse Review?

Scientists in the UK are facing great uncertainty ahead of the Conservative government’s comprehensive spending review on November 25. Not only is funding for UK research under threat, the government is believed to be planning on culling many of the agencies that fund research in an effort to make savings.

7 years ago
Paul Nurse

Nurse Review Offers a Federal Future for UK Research

A new report sought by Britain’s government argues that quality research from the UK’s seven research councils should itself be “at the heart of government” — and to achieve that those councils should be run by a single organization that has much stronger input from government than at present..

7 years ago

Who Should Decide Cuts for UK’s Research Councils?

Objective outsiders focused on the purse or knowledgeable insiders focused on the scholarship — who should decide the best way to derive the productivity and innovations sought from Britain’s Research Councils?

8 years ago