2010 Family Business Review Best Paper Awards

2010 Family Business Review Best Paper

Short, J.C., Payne, G.T., Brigham, K.H., Lumpkin, G.T., & Broberg, J.C. (2009). Family Firms and Entrepreneurial Orientation in Publicly Traded Firms: A Comparative Analysis of the S&P 500′ Family Business Review, 22(1): 1-24.March issue of FBR.

This article is well crafted, focusing on Entrepreneurial Orientation as an increasingly important perspective in the analyses of entrepreneurial capacity in family firms, and with some very relevant and interesting results.

Two Honorable Mentions:

Rothausen, T.J. (2009). Management Work—Family Research and Work—Family Fit: Implications for Building Family Capital in Family Business. Family Business Review, 22(3): 220-234.

This article is a review article, which opens a new research perspective/agenda within the family business research field based on the discussion of many relevant aspects of the work-family fit in relation to family businesses.

Chen, H. & Hsu, W. (2009). Family Ownership, Board Independence, and R&d Investment. Family Business Review, 22(4): 347-362.

This paper extends our knowledge of the considerable family influence in Asian countries through its exploration of the effects of family ownership and corporate governance on corporate investment decisions using a sample of Taiwanese firms.

Awards committee – Jill Thomas and Karen Vinton (non-voting Chairs), Mike Hitt, Leif Melin, Shaker Zahra

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