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We recently moved a number of academic posters from our research methods social network, Methodspace, to our resources section on socialsciencespace. If you’d like us to add a poster (or other resource), get in touch by email. Just tell us what text you would like to accompany the poster, plus send us a copy of the file to upload.

Take a look at some of our current posters.

Here are some tips on uploading a poster:

  • Maximum size: posters must be no larger than 2MB to be uploaded to socialsciencespace. If you have a poster that is larger than this, you could consider saving the file as a number of smaller files (e.g save one page at a time), or editing the file to reduce its size (i.e. compression).
  • File types: we are not able to upload powerpoint presentations to socialsciencespace. Please save your presentation as a pdf or image file.
  • The best posters are those saved as an image. These can be viewed in full on socialsciencepace, and can be enlarged to look at the content more closely.
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