Building the Ethical Organization: Practical Theory for Developing Virtuous Human Systems

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science has announced a Call for Papers under the theme of “Building the Ethical Organization: Practical Theory for Developing Virtuous Human Systems.”

This special issue will focus on research that builds social theory and informs application of theory to support the creation of positive, sustained ethical action in human organizational systems.

Possible contributions to this call include applied research that relates to topics such as the following:
• Interventions that build an understanding of ethics-in-practice, or that align
multiple stakeholders for high engagement, shared goals, socially responsible
activities, sustainable enterprise, and so on
• Organizational factors that relate to specific virtues, including techniques or
mechanisms that encourage an infusion of virtues in organizational practice
• Organizational designs, policies, or procedures that encourage ethics and
organization-level excellence
• Leadership characteristics that enable excellence and/or ethical organization
• The fostering of connections in the workplace that enable generativity, creativity,
innovation, and ethical imagination
• Theories of organizational design or change that include ethical or virtue

In sum, our call is for case studies, comparative studies, action-research, and other practical theory building, based in the applied behavioral sciences, that provide insight into the factors and conditions that enable ethical, virtuous organizing. We invite scholarship of discovery (research), integration (synthesis), and practice (application) (Boyer, 1990) to demonstrate how behavioral science is contributing to the realization of virtue ethics in action to foster more positive deviance in leadership and organization behavior.

To be considered for publication, papers must be electronically submitted as an e-mail attachment (Microsoft Word files only) to David Bright ( by March 1, 2012. For questions about this call or the suitability of a manuscript for the special issue, please contact either of the guest editors: Ronald Fry ( or David Bright ( Manuscripts should be prepared according to the guidelines presented here.

All papers that satisfy initial editorial screening will be processed using the conventional JABS double blind review process. Publication is
targeted for March 2013. Click here to learn more about this special issue.

If you are interested in learning more about the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, please click here.

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