JMI Six Degrees Podcast series

As the Journal of Management Inquiry (JMI) approached its 20th year, Marvin Washington and Nelson Phillips called on the editorial board to propose a new section for the journal. The ideas and ensuing discussions resulted in “Six Degrees,” a word play on the idea that all humans are connected by less than six degrees of separation. This series of podcasts celebrates the collaborations that have resulted in seminal contributions, explores the relationships that have enriched scholars’ personal and professional lives, and pays homage to the classics of the field. Contributors are asked to talk about—in heartfelt and humorous ways—the social and intellectual connections that they have developed and sustained, and that have supported them as students, advisors, teachers, colleagues, and mentors.

To learn more about the new Six Degrees section, please click here.

The first “Fireside Chat” features Raymond Miles and his former student and long-time collaborator Chuck Snow.

In the second podcast, Gretchen Spreitzer and Robert Quinn talk about their long-time collaboration. The program chair for the Sun Valley WAM was Gretchen Spreitzer, and Robert Quinn was the opening-session speaker. Gretchen and Robert discuss their collaborations as student-advisor and now colleagues.

In the third installment, Jone Pearce is interviewed by Richard Stackman about her life and career. This podcast focuses Dr. Pearce and her annual “Dinner With Mom” with former doctoral students at the Academy of Management Meetings.


In the fourth and most current installment, Brenda A. Lautsch interviews Sandra Robinson about her life and career. The podcast can be found here.

To listen to the Six Degrees podcasts above, please click here.

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