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Making Social Science Relevant Again: Engaging Students Through Wicked Problems
From Big Think

The most frequently voiced criticisms of higher education is that universities are not adequately preparing students to be successful professionals, engaged citizens, and/or informed consumers of information. The social sciences and the humanities are among the most vulnerable to these charges.

Social Sciences Suffer from Severe Publication Bias
From Scientific American

Researchers at Stanford University in California have now measured the extent of the problem, finding that most null results in a sample of social-science studies were never published.

The More Pot Couples Smoke, the Less Likely they Are to Have Domestic-Violence Incidents
From New York Magazine

The impact of marijuana on  domestic violence is considered in a new paper in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors,

Worse than the 1930s: Europe’s recession is really a depression
From Non-Equilibrium Social Science ⋅ Jorge Louçã

“Europe’s self-inflicted wounds are making its recession worse than the worst of the 1930s.”

Social Science Quote of the Week: Failure and Learning
From Social Science Insights

Failure is crucial to learning.
– Jennifer Riel, MBA

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